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Online Email Access

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Online Fax to Email Access

Away from your office but still need to send a fax? This is the place for you! Sign in with your fax number and password.

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DNS Manager

The Windstream DNS Manager allows you to maintain your domain's name service records. You will be able to update and modify records at any time through a simple to use web interface.

Easy Mail Setup Wizard

An easy-to-use administrative interface for all business-class email, Easy Mail is a domain-based email account management and configuration tool. Easy Mail makes it simple for administrators to set-up, change, or delete email accounts.

Easy Mail Features
Manage all aspects of your mail set up. This tool gives you the power to create, delete, and change a regular mail account; view existing mail accounts and passwords; forward email accounts.
Create as many email addresses for your mailbox as you like that do not have a physical mailbox on the system, allowing incoming emails to automatically forward to a master email address.
Auto Responder
Out of the office? Create a custom message that automatically notifies all or certain email addresses arriving to your mailbox.
Catch-all Accounts
Redirect improperly addressed email sent to your domain to a catch-all email address. For example, john* would receive any email starting with john. To capture all email going to a domain name, you would setup *
Easily send email on to other people within your group or on to an external account.
Message Rules
Filter and control how your email is delivered regardless of where you access your mailbox.
POP, SMTP, and IMAP Branding
You have the option to use our server information or to brand our servers under your domain name.
Spam Filtering
You have total control of your spam filter to prevent unsolicited email from reaching your mailbox. Advanced options including whitelists, blacklists, filter sensitivity, and filter action make it easy to eliminate spam.
Virus Scanning
Automatically scans incoming email file attachments such as documents, spreadsheets, zip files, presentations, executable files, and others to protect you from viruses.

Easy Site Optimizer

Easy Site Optimizer is critical to the success of your websites. It determines if a site is or is not added to search engine databases and ultimately how highly it is ranked. Unlike paid ad word advertising, natural search results have a higher perceived trust value and the order in which a site is ranked can only be improved through effective site optimization.

The SEO Workshop is search engine optimization made easy. SEO Workshop is an easy-to-use wizard that will take you through the process of optimizing your websites including: site analysis; creating keywords; submitting your websites to popular search engines; and rank reporting. Give you the power to utilize FREE natural search engine results through SEO resulting in more site visitors and more revenue.

Announcer Pro

A useful email marketing tool, Announcer helps keep your customers and prospects informed about special announcements and promotions - or just to keep in regular contact. With Announcer, you can effortlessly create compelling email newsletters and manage regular communication with your customers.

Easy Store Maker Pro

Having a storefront on the Web allows you to offer your products to anyone, anywhere, anytime. The Internet has revolutionized the whole concept of marketing and sales by eliminating the geographic and time-related barriers between the merchant and consumer. Now, without hiring a single new employee, you can receive and process orders from all over the world using Easy Store Maker Pro.

Easy Store Maker Pro enables you to set up a full-featured store on your website using an easy-to-use store-building wizard. Bundled with a free SSL certificate, Easy Store Maker Pro also features support for online credit card processing, and offers a secure page to view all online orders.

With Easy Store Maker Pro, you have the ability to:

  • Add unlimited products and images, plus catalog them into your own defined categories
  • Access a built-in inventory stock counter so you can keep track of your store stock in real time
  • Get help when you need with the interactive help and flash tutorial
  • Have on-line credit card transaction capabilities

Operates on a clustered server environment that is monitored 24hours a day 365 days a year!

Simply click on Easy Store Maker Pro in your WebsiteOS and follow the four simple steps. You can be up and taking orders in just minutes!

Provides a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer. You and your customers can rest assure that all transactions are completely safe and secure!


Advanced tax calculations

Store status page

No programming knowledge required

Create shopping catalogs

Apply store and product-specific discounts

No e-commerce or development experience needed

Ability to categorize products (i.e. new or on sale)

Built-in inventory management to avoid shortages

Multiple images per product



Accept international currency

View the status of your online store

Bundled SSL certificate FREE

Calculation of shipping charges by order weight

Editable SKU numbers for products

Customizable storefront color scheme

Secured area for credit card processing

Set a max quantity/order for individual products

Customize thumbnail and image sizes

Showcase your products with multiple image views

Web Stats

Web Stats is a web server log file analysis program producing statistics from your website's server logs. It gives you the power to analyze your website's and marketing's effectiveness by providing statistical site visitor information in both columnar or graphical format in yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily reports.

Statistics for analysis include:

  • Top entry and exit pages
  • Top visitor countries, top referring URLs and all referrers
  • Number of hits
  • Hits by response code
  • Visitor browser type
  • Amount of file transfer (downloads)
  • And more!

Easy Blog Builder

Blog visitation is now part of mainstream online behavior for many Internet users - record numbers of people are reading them and this trend is expected to continue its rapid growth and popularity. With this effective and intuitive blogging application, you can foster loyal customer relationships through regular communication while providing your customers a place to talk about their experiences and prospects a place to do some research.

Easy Live Chat

Instant communication means instant, and improved, customer satisfaction. EasyLiveChat provides yet another effective and efficient way for your business to communicate with prospects and customers. Through the real-time interactive window, you can promptly communicate with site visitors to answer product questions or up sell services.

File Manager

The File Manager function allows you to take full control of your website files. It is a safe alternative to full shell access for sophisticated users. You can copy, move, delete, rename and edit files, create and remove directories, change file permissions and upload files from your local computer to the server.

File Manager is best used to manipulate files that have been previously uploaded to your website. To upload more than one file at a time, an FTP client is generally more efficient.

PHP Manager

PHP is a programming language originally designed for producing dynamic web page content, similar to ASP or ColdFusion. The PHP Manager lets you determine what version of PHP you would like to use. The two PHP versions available are 4.4.1 and 5.3.28.

To switch between versions of PHP:

  1. Open the PHP Manager application.
  2. Select the version of PHP that you would like to use. The version of PHP currently is use is marked as 'enabled'.
  3. Click 'ok'.
  4. In the next screen, if you are using a private cert for secure website access, click 'no'. Otherwise, click 'yes'.
  5. When the screen refreshes, the version you selected will now be marked as 'enabled'. There is no delay involved when switching between versions of PHP.

Note about the .htaccess file and PHP 4:

If you are using PHP 4, an entry is placed in your .htaccess file to enable it. If you copy over your .htaccess file, or remove the additional lines which have been appended, then your site will revert to using PHP 5.

FrontPage Extensions

If you want to use Microsoft FrontPage to develop your website, you must first install FrontPage extensions. The FrontPage Manager function will automatically install the 2002 extensions for you.

MS FrontPage restrictions

Installing the FrontPage extensions will remove some advanced administrative functions. This is done intentionally so that FrontPage users do not corrupt their sites. FTP access is removed for this reason. Upon your request, we can restore your FTP access.

The applications disabled are: Business Card, Plug-in scripts, File Manager, Website Security and Database Manager.

FTP Manager

Directory specific FTP allows you to give a user FTP access to a specified directory of your website. Using an FTP client, the user will be able to upload files to your website and download files from your website. For each user, you may grant FTP access to only one directory. The user will have access to all directories that are located below this directory. Anonymous FTP allows users to download files from a specific directory without a password.

An FTP user will not have access to any other part of your website or other applications within the Online Presence Platform.

Database Manager

Database Manager is a web based MySQL client that allows you to create and manipulate a maximum of two MySQL databases.

Database Manager is designed for advanced users. Knowledge of relational databases and SQL is required in order to use this Database Manager efficiently.

Database Manager is best used for creating databases and tables. For populating a database, you should consider using a script(PHP, ColdFusion) or CGI.

Database Manager builds SQL statements from the various options that you select. This is the reason for the 'Build SQL Query' button. Viewing the Query gives you an opportunity to review the query before running it. Clicking the 'Run SQL Query' button submits the query to the SQL server.

You can find more information about MySQL database at:


phpMyAdmin is a PHP tool, designed to handle the administration of MySQL databases using a web browser interface. It can create/drop/alter tables, delete/edit/add fields, execute any SQL statement, manage keys on fields, manage privileges, and export data into various formats.

The phpMyAdmin application is an installation program which will allow you to quickly and easily install phpMyAdmin for use on your website.

Log Manager

The Log Manager allows you to obtain raw server logs about your site activity and traffic. You can view and/or delete, print, download, and date your log files. You may disable logging altogether to conserve your disk space.

Your server logs can also be downloaded for use with other statistics packages.

You can use the Web Stats function to analyze and view your log files in an easy-to-read, graphical display. While Log Manager allows you to manage your log files and view them in their raw state, Web Stats makes them human readable.

SSL Manager

The SSL Manager allows you to use our generic SSL certificate or set up your private SSL certificate on your domain without having to contact our support staff.

From the SSL Manager main page you have two choices:

  • Use generic SSL Certificate (free)
  • Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

OneList Pro

Allows users to have personalized business listings in 60+ online directories, 411 directory, and GPS navigation systems with turn-by-turn directions.

osCommerce Templates

Easily create an osCommerce online store. Select from a gallery of professionally designed templates.


A robust and scalable eCommerce solution designed to help grow and manage an online store.

Advanced Template Manager

Choose from a wide selection of professional, leading-edge design templates. Templates are editable with popular design software such as Photoshop or Dreamweaver.

Mobile Website

The mobile website platform delivers a fast, convenient, and easy method of converting mobile websites to mobile applications.

Photo Album

Set up an online photo gallery. Create, publish and share individual albums, or link to albums from your website.

Plug-in Scripts

Use pre written CGI scripts such as FormMail or TextCounter.

SocialPageCreator Pro

Grow your Facebook fan base and capture visitor information with a custom Facebook cover image and tab for your Facebook business page.

Joomla Installer

Installs Joomla. Joomla is a free, open source content management system (CMS) and application Framework that powers 2.7% of the entire web.

Wordpress installer.

Installs Wordpress. Wordpress is a free, open source web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog.

Windows Services

Allows users to enable ASP,, Coldfusion 5 and Coldfusion MX files on your domain.

mySQL Manager

You can use this tool to manage your existing MySQL Databases, change your MySQL Database password, create new and remove an existing MySQL Database.

Fax to Email

Send and receive faxes securely through your email or handheld device.

File Manager Pro

An easy to use interface lets you cut, copy, delete, rename, paste your website files.

File Restore

Restore your website's content from a series of time based periods. One hour, one day, etc.

Site Checker

Analyze the status of your website. Check for broken links, locate heavy files, check page titles and more.

Site Promoter

Submit your website to search engines to help customers find you when searching online.

Social Stream

Manage all your social media in one place.

Domain Pointing

Make your website available via another URL.

Domain Pointing

Change your web services password.

SSH Manager

Set up a secure connection to remotely access and manipulate files via the web.

Website Security

Control access to pages and site directories by encrypting them with passwords.

Disk Usage

View and manage your disk storage space.